why grade your cards?

Card grading opens you up to more opportunity, peace of mind and provides you with proof of authenticity. Once your card has been graded and returned to you, it will be encased, protected and could be worth a lot more than you thought.

WHAT IS a grading partner?

A Grading Partner, such as Black Label Grading, serves as a vital link between the trading card collector and reputable grading organizations like Beckett & AGS. Situated in the US, these organizations can be challenging to access for UK and EU collectors. As a trusted grading partner, we simplify this process. Our robust relationships with both Beckett and AGS enable us to offer their services directly to customers in the UK and EU. We effectively handle all aspects, including insurance, documentation, and unexpected shipping costs – hurdles typically faced when submitting individually. Choosing Black Label Grading ensures a professional, friendly, and hassle-free grading experience.


Access reputable & exciting grading services

We partner with Beckett Grading Services & AGS Grading Services to provide access to their grading expertise and work closely with each organisation to provide a seamless experience.

Card protection with insurance

Your cards will be protected with premium insurance whilst in transit to and from the USA. That means if your cards were to get damaged or lost during their journey, you’re covered. 


Using an intermediary service like Black Label Grading means we do all the leg work, so you don’t have to. Leave it to us to deal with complex forms, shipping and import legislation

Handled With Care

We know first-hand how important and fragile your cards are. We ensure all our cards are handled with care, love and in a clean and protected environment.

Secure Shipping

Using Black Label Grading means your cards will be packaged and sent to Beckett securely. We provide semi-rigids and double walled boxes to ensure protection.

Top Communications

We keep you updated on the progress of your submission, sending you notifications of your grading status via email. Watch us in action via our social channels. 


UK: 13th October 2023

EU: 6th October 2023