December Closure: 16th December 2023 – 1st January 2024

Our Partnerships

Who We Work With

Black Label Grading partners with two renowned entities in the collectibles industry: Beckett Grading Services (BGS) and Automated Grading Services (AGS). Both companies are US-based and each offers its own distinctive grading experience.

Beckett Grading Services (BGS)

Beckett has been a leading force in the collectibles industry since 1979, marking over 30 years of exceptional service. Initially publishing collectible price guidebooks and magazines, they soon also added web commerce and grading (BGS) services to their portfolio.

Beckett Grading Services provide card and collectible enthusiasts from across the globe world class authentication and grading services.

We first established our relationship with BGS in 2020, during the peak of the pandemic. BLG wanted to provide easy access to Beckett’s card grading services, a first at this time.

Today, our strong alliance with BGS persists, and we consistently highlight its pivotal role in the collectibles sphere.

Automated Grading Services (AGS)

AGS revolutionized the US collectibles market with their groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for card grading, aptly named “Robograding”.Employing AI for card grading is believed to eliminate the human errors and inaccuracies inherent in conventional grading methods.

The team of enthusiasts developed Robograding to automate card grading. Beyond providing a comprehensive analysis of each card, its automation means faster turnaround time for customers.

We started working with this team in 2023 to provide a unique grading experience to our valued customers.

Submission Countdown

We submit cards monthly to Beckett & AGS. Please get your cards to us before the deadline to ensure your cards are sent off in time. This month’s submission deadline is:

December 15, 2023

December 11, 2023