Do you get the same thrill from cracking open a fresh pack of cards as you do from binging the latest Netflix series?
We've got some hot tips on the do's and don'ts of sending your cards to ensure their safe arrival and minimal handling.
We’re going international! BLG have been operating from the United Kingdom for 18 months, and whilst we’ve been growing a strong community here in Great Britain, we wanted to take our services to the European market.
Ever wondered how to use a BGS pop report, or what even is a population report? Black Label Grading explain what it is and how to us it.
Black Label Grading can now say we are an official Beckett intermediary… and we wear our new title with honour.
Beckett have announced a temporary closure commencing on June 7th. This is a final attempt to tackle the overwhelming surge of submissions and to shift the backlog seen over the past year.
When sending off your cards for grading, whether it be through an intermediary service like Black Label Grading, or directly – the safety of those cards in transit will be a top priority.
Black Label
What on earth is a 'Black Label' and how do I get one? We explore how to achieve the perfect 10 from BGS.
For the last few years, many have witnessed the exponential and unprecedented growth of the global trading card market.
One of our customers, Rob, wanted to write a review of our service following his first submission with us. Find out more...
Beckett will be increasing their prices significantly to slow down demand, and reduce the backlog so they can decrease turnaround times.
In the trading card community, consumers often use an intermediary to submit their cards for grading. In this blog, we look to explain what an intermediary is, and why you might choose to use one.