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Do you get the same thrill from cracking open a fresh pack of cards as you do from binging the latest Netflix series? Then we’ve got a recommendation that perfectly marries these two passions.

Netflix’s newest 2023 docuseries, ‘King of Collectibles – The Goldin Touch,’ dives deep into the fascinating world of Goldin, the premier online auction house and marketplace for collectors. This isn’t just any marketplace – it’s the hub of serious trading action where vintage sports memorabilia and trading cards exchange hands, often for eye-popping sums.


Goldin has built its reputation on dealing with high-value items, routinely offering auctions for items exceeding $249,999. Their commission-based structure ensures that they thrive as the middleman of these lucrative transactions. But don’t let the big numbers deter you; their marketplace is also the go-to spot for trading cards valued up to $249,999. You can buy and sell on the marketplace just as you would on eBay.

One of the best things about Goldin? It’s a truly global platform, connecting collectors from all corners of the world.

The series offers an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of this dynamic operation. You can tag along with the dedicated sales team, as well as the founder and CEO, Ken Goldin, as they unearth rare gems in the collectibles world.

We were especially hooked by episodes 6 and 7. In these, you’ll witness a young French lad realize the staggering value of his sports card – life-changing! You’ll also get to see YouTube star Logan Paul and Ken Goldin embark on an epic quest for a rare Charizard amongst a trove of Pokémon cards.

If this series inspires you to delve deeper into the world of card collecting or if you’re ready to explore the Goldin marketplace, take a look at their website.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a trading card newbie, ‘The Goldin Touch’ is sure to captivate and educate. So why not mix up your Netflix queue and your love for card collecting with this exciting series?

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