In 2023, Black Label Grading created a new and exciting partnership with AGS Grading. 

AGS Grading was created in 2021 by a bunch of enthusiastic trading card collectors who wanted a better, more reliable way to grade their cards. Soon an exciting new way of grading was born using artificial intelligence (AI).

Leveraging robograding AI technology, AGS ensures a meticulous and precise card grading process, promising to deliver the utmost reliability in card grading. 

Find out more about AGS Grading online here.





per card

With AGS Grading, harness the power of their Robograding feed to pinpoint your card online.

Get a comprehensive report laying out the precise rationale behind your card’s grade. Plus, you can scrutinize images of any damage the AI has detected on your card. This ensures absolute transparency and instills a deep sense of reassurance.

We know the grading process can be quite long for our UK and EU clients. Hence, we’ve built a custom system to keep you informed at every stage of the process.

Rely on us to keep you abreast of your order’s progress throughout its journey.


UK: 13th October 2023

EU: 6th October 2023